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We provide your staff with modern equipment (Computer with Microsoft office, computer desk and chair) phone line and headsets to make sure that they work as hard as they were in the office but feeling comfortable for being at home

Exactly what you need:

We understand the importance of having the right person at the right place and that’s exactly what we do for you. We are focused on the experience, skills, and values to make sure that they match your vision and needs


We are an experienced team who had worked for big companies and knows a lot about outsourcing, but what we really are looking for is to add value by using this experience giving you new ideas to improve your operations and service

Our Services

We can connect you with professionals specialized in the following areas: customer service, lead generation, sales, appointment setters, chat, emails, back office, basic technical support and more and we do it


Bilingual Reps

With an English level of b1 or above and native Spanish they will assist you perfectly on your day-to-day operations with the advantage that they will be able to communicate easily with your Hispanic customers and staff.

Spanish only Reps

This is the best option if you want to improve your relationship with your Hispanic customers but don’t want to pay more.


Unbeatable Rates

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ETG Solution

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Contract Service

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Outsource Remote Staff in Florida, USA

Outsource your customer service to ETG Solution

ETG Solution is undoubtedly the partner one needs to grow their business to heights that were unimaginable before. Every business requires someone that can handle the back-office tasks to ensure that their front-end operations are running smoothly. After all, how can a business expect to run, let alone grow, if its executives have to take care of the problems from the back-office time after time? Sure, one can hire more professionals on the payroll to make sure the operation runs smoothly. But is it really the best choice out there?

Hiring more working staff does not guarantee a solution, while at the time same time increasing the operational expenses significantly. There is also the recruitment and training to consider. All-in-all, this is a hassle that one can do without. But what is the solution? Hiring ETG Solution and our executive virtual assistance services, of course. Yes, that’s right. With our virtual assistance service, a business can forget about their back-office issue and rely upon us to provide them with innovative solutions. Our experts are meticulously trained and highly experienced in the field to offer satisfactory solutions immediately, regardless of the responsibility assigned to them. At ETG Solution, we aim to provide quality remote assistance services to businesses at reasonable prices.

Why ETG Solution?

We provide you wide range of services to ensure constant growth for the companies. If you need some good reasons to hire us, then the following ones will surely impress you.

  • ETG Solution is the leading company providing technical support and virtual assistance in Florida.
  • We have hired the finest professionals on our payroll to ensure our clients are delighted with offered solutions.
  • Bespoke virtual assistance as per the client’s requirement
  • Fair and transparent pricing of our services
  • Our executives are Bilingual and are fluent in both English and Spanish languages.
  • Our services at available for both part & full time, at highly competitive prices.
  • We handle the hardware solution as well as the training for the professionals, allowing businesses to do what they do best.
  • Our employees are covered under mandated health insurance and other benefits, allowing businesses to save a ton of their money.
  • No needs to worry about the professionals requesting leave for one reason or another.
  • Scale operations as per the business’s requirement

Connect with us today!

If you require an outsource remote staff in Florida, there is simply no better companion out there for you than ETG Solution. We provide a wide range of virtual assistance services at ETG Solution for businesses to take advantage of. Simply scroll through our offering and choose the one that fits your immediate business requirement, available at fair pricing.

Still, not sure about the benefits of hiring ETG Solution remote assistance solutions? You can connect with us at our customer support helpline, operated by highly trained professionals. You cannot make a much better decision for your business today!

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