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  • Looking for Call Centre Professionals or Virtual Assistants for your business?
  • Need to cut operational costs without sacrificing customer service / back office admin quality?
  • Want to reach Spanish speakers in your market?
  • Seeking telemarketing experts to help launch your next marketing campaign?

ETG Solution can help

How we can help you:

Bilingual representatives

Get bilingual professionals to add value to your company for only $9.50 an hour, they can support your business with multiple tasks like: Doing follow ups, requesting documentation, pre-qualifying clients, data entry, scheduling appointments, managing your calendar or anything you else you need.

Semi-bilingual representatives

If maybe you are looking for a dedicated representative to help you getting more spanish speaking customers or someone that can provide better customer support to your spanish speaking current clients; this is the best solution for your and for only $5 an hour.

6 great reasons to contact us today

The cost of living is going up and with it the cost of running a business. But now’s not the time to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass you by. It’s time to get your company name out there, to grow into new markets. And our call centre agents can help you do that. At just $9.50 per hour, with an ETG agent, you’ll:

  • SAVE on the costs of finding and paying an employee
  • SAVE on set-up costs as we provide the computer, desk, chair, headsets and telephone lines for agents
  • SAVE on things like medical insurance, retirement accounts, vacations for people – we handle all that.

Our reps can communicate fluently with your English and/or Spanish speaking customers. You can hire a Spanish-speaker via ETG for just $5 per hour, allowing you to see how reaching the growing Hispanic community in Florida can boost your client base for an extremely competitive hourly rate.

All ETG Reps are college degree educated with relevant experience and values that align with yours. It’s the ideal solution if you’re looking to reduce your operational costs while maintaining the very best customer service / back office operations.

Every representative that works for you via ETG will work remotely from their home in conditions that optimize their performance. We supply the desk, an additional screen for their computer and an ergonomic chair for comfort. You just sit back and reap the benefits of having an expert on your side.

So how is that ETG agent doing? For every representative you hire through us, we’ll supply a monthly performance report, so you can see just what they’ve been up to and how much value they’ve added to your business.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who you can contact anytime with any question or request.

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Start your ETG Solution experience with a free consultation with one of our team members. The purpose of this is to give us the opportunity to find out more about your business, so we can select the right candidates for you.

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