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What Are the Costs Associated with Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Want to hire a virtual assistant for your business but worried about the budget you need to assign for it? Then this blog content is specifically designed for your help.

 For most of the business owners, who want to outsource the major responsibilities of the business to virtual assistants remain worried, about how much this hiring will going to cost them. Several factors will help you to determine virtual assistant cost which can make it easy to search for a virtual assistant that can fit your budget.

For jumping directly to the factors, it is vital to know what are the tasks that are handled by the virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant provides a variety of services to entrepreneurs and companies through the internet. They work remotely from the company so they are liable to access the tools and data required to perform the job. In general, virtual assistants are freelancers and independent contractors who are blessed with a specialized skill set. There are different types of service providers in the market that offer virtual assistant services to host activities like:-

  • Managing Email correspondence
  • Administrative tasks
  • Data entry
  • Organizing your calendar
  • Customer support
  • Financial planning
  • Graphic design
  • Digital Marketing
  • WordPress website management

Being a business owner you know that nothing comes for free and outsourcing the work to a tainted reputation might be heavy on your pocket. However, you can be surprised to know that Virtual Assistants can help in saving up  78% of the operating cost throughout the year. You can estimate the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, that you don’t need to invest in the healthcare cost, compensations, taxes, paid sick leaves, paid vacations, office expenses or insurance.  After hiring a VA you can rest assured as you don’t need to worry about time loss during breaks or meetings.

A regular social media manager might cost an employer close to $80,000 while a virtual assistant may cost you just $25000 in a year.

You can be sceptical, especially if you are thinking about whether you should hire a virtual assistant company or a freelancer. At present freelancer virtual assistants have been dominating the market, but they come with numerous disadvantages that could harm the quality of the work done by them. That’s why taking the services of the virtual assistant company can be a safer option for businesses.

Now let’s get back to our primary concern how much does it cost to hire a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant can charge up to $5 to $100 per hour depending on the quality output you want.

Here we are listing 4 major factors that help in determining your budget:-

1. Type of Virtual Assistant: – The cost of the virtual Assistant completely depends on the services you are striving to obtain from them. Depending on the time devotion and complexity required, you may be charged differently from other businesses. Manual work like administration or data entry tasks where virtual assistants only have to handle phone calls might cost you affordable and the Assistant in financial affairs of accounting and bookkeeping are mid-ranged. The project where high technical skills are required like translation might cost around $20 per hour along with executive services such as planning of company events and project schedule management remain on the higher edge ranging from $30-$40 hourly.

2.  Level of experience: – This might be the obvious element where the most business owner failed. These virtual assistants with more experience in their field charge high in comparison to the less experienced ones. Although cheap prices attract businesses this is the same place where muck up happens. An experienced virtual assistant can deliver faster results in comparison to inexperienced ones who are more susceptible to making mistakes. For making corrections they will ask more time, while experienced ones will take only a few hours. By carefully analyzing their bill you can analyze what is economical now. Not to mention that extra effort, time and money will require training an inexperienced one to deliver desired outcomes.

3. Location of VA: – The cost of a basic set-up can be expensive in one country while inexpensive for others. This is the reason why businesses prefer to outsource their task to VA companies that have low operating expenses and labour costs. Virtual Assistant is around the quarter rate of other companies in expensive geographical locations. Now you must be thinking about the above point where we have discussed experienced and inexperienced virtual assistants, and what will happen if your selection will impact the outcome. But no, every time low wages don’t mean less skilled talent. In those countries too, you will find experienced, well-performing and talented professionals so rest assured.

4. Duration and complexity of the project: – Certain projects demand more time for evaluation, planning and application, that’s why they are classified as complex tasks. In comparison to Virtual assistants who handle phone calls and schedule them, a VA that helps out businesses in their financial arrangements and documentation of the company will be paid more because of their time and intricacy commitment. Such tasks are counted among the harder tasks.

Frequency and duration of billing might make a difference in the cost of Virtual Assistants as those who are hired for a long-term basis will charge less in comparison to those who are hired for a shorter span.

Final words:-

Estimating the cost of Virtual assistants is not as complicated as it seems to be. All you have to follow the above-listed steps. Before this, you need to identify the service you require, and determine the level of experience you need for your project. Choose the location of the VA service-providing company wisely. If you have a clear idea of the duration for which you might need the service of the VA would be good to go ahead. If you don’t want to indulge in the research then you can directly connect to ETG Solution. We have qualified remote professionals who can take care of your business in the way you want. Besides we offer flexible services and pricing packages for your consideration. To explore more about us feel free to visit our website, https://etgsolution.com/

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