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Find Top Outsourced Customer Support Services Of 2022

Your business must give its clients the absolute best experience possible. It can be difficult to admit that you lack the internal resources to do that, but if you do, you can make sure that your ability to serve customers is one of your key competencies.


With the help of ETG Solution, a company may provide remote assistant advantages to customers and outperform the leading competitors.


Regardless of the organization’s size or level of complexity, the cost of losing customers due to subpar customer service runs into the tens of billions of dollars annually.


You can receive a wide range of significant benefits from outsource
your customer service
to handle your customer care operations and interactions,
including: lower costs associated with recruiting, training, and managing
customer service staff, access to specialized and dedicated teams of customer
service personnel, increased efficiency and effectiveness, and the ability for
you and your team to stay focused on the important aspects of your company.


  1. Pure Moderation: An international provider of business process outsourcing, Pure Moderation has locations in the USA, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. The customer care organization offers a wide range of services, from data management to content moderation, but its customer service outsourcing has more of an emphasis on end users and customers than on B2B Sales.

In addition to many other languages, Pure Moderation can provide clients with rapid assistance in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi, and a number of other European languages.


  1. LEX Reception: Law firms of various sizes can use LEX Reception because of its scalability and customization options.

When looking for a customer support team, LEX has a solid reputation for flexibility and can accommodate a great deal of customization based on your particular needs. Their automated customer service agents are capable of handling incoming calls by following a pre-written script and sending emails with key information.


  1. Ascensos: By introducing a new and individualized approach to customer care, Ascensos was founded in 2013 to transform the customer experience. Since that time, they have greatly grown while adhering to that vision. Although Ascensos was founded locally and has subsequently expanded internationally, they have never wavered from their commitment to upholding core beliefs.


  1. Cloudstaff:  Cloudstaff is a creative business. They entirely rely on technology to get rid of the constraints imposed by distant workforces. Cloudstaff outsourcing is quick to implement, incredibly scalable, and cost-effective. They easily integrate into the workforce. A group of sector experts with practical knowledge who support Cloudstaff outsourcing can help achieve your goals.

The outsourcing services provided by Cloudstaff are years ahead of the competition and allow our clients the means to fully benefit from outsourcing.


  1. Scalemill:  Scalemill is a sales and lead generating company made up of motivated specialists and sharp thinkers that are constantly seeking for ways to challenge themselves, whether it’s by honing their own abilities or using technology to do better work. What distinguishes them from other companies in the sector is their unique and forward-looking attitude.
  1. Concert8: Concert8 offers business process outsourcing customers a distinctive model that offers the highest quality service, global reach, and a highly competitive cost structure. Concert8 is a Canadian company with a corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a cutting-edge Operations Center in Manila, Philippines. More time is spent on each hire at Concert8 than at any other top center. Their meticulous hiring procedure involves in-depth testing and interviews. To select the best candidates for your programme, they profile agents by personality, experience, and competence.
  1. Syner G Outsourcing Inc.: In response to the demands of multinational organizations for highly-trained, articulate, and professional staff that operate at global efficiency, Syner G is a premier provider of outsourcing solutions.
  1. Konnektors Technologies: Specifically in the USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and internationally, Konnektors offers Business Development Support across a variety of business sectors.
  1. Serco: One of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers you can have is providing public services. You have the power to significantly improve people’s lives as well as the safety and security of your neighborhood and nation. Serco provides public services in the following five areas: Citizens Services, Defense, Justice & Immigration, and Health. Serco is a company where values and people are important. They have a strong commitment to public service, and they work with people who wish to improve the lives of others.
  1. Arise: Over 60,000 work-from-home customer support representatives who are headquartered in the US, Canada, and the UK are easily accessible through the Arise Platform.
  1. Teleperformance : Tech support, client acquisition and care, social media management, and other services are all offered by Teleperformance, an omnichannel contact center with its headquarters in France. Additional expert services from Teleperformance include content moderation, back-office tasks, and sales assistance. Analytics are used by Teleperformance to better understand consumer behavior and improve services.

Delivering outstanding customer service is being proactive in resolving problems before they arise and maintaining client relationships that could otherwise deteriorate. It is not enough for a business to be adept at handling specific situations; it also needs to be adept at offering first-rate customer service in general. The top customer service organizations put a lot of emphasis on providing excellent customer service and being client-centric.

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